A Funeral Cost How Much?

By: Daryl Berry
Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Comparing Funeral Prices - A Lesson On Shopping For A Funeral

 These days more people are calling about funeral pricing.  Sometimes it will be someone that we can tell knows something about the FTC (Federal Trade Commission Funeral) Funeral Rule.  This rule has been in affect for over 30 years now and basically it mandates how funeral homes are to present their prices to the buying public.  (For information on the FTC Funeral Rule go to, consumer.ftc.gov .)  Funeral homes are required to provide everyone with a General Price List (GPL) whenever they begin discussing funeral arrangements in person with you and disclose their prices by phone when called.  Every GPL is supposed to have prices for their basic services, use of their facilities and transportation they offer along with a range of prices for funeral merchandise.  There are also requirements for limited service offerings such as Director Cremation to be priced on the GPL.  This is so you could go to each funeral home in town and request their GPL and compare item by item prices.

Once or twice a year we will get a call asking for specific pricing information.  Sometimes they will identify themselves as being with a “concierge” service.  A concierge service shops on behalf of their clientele for funeral pricing.  Other times we can tell they are mystery shoppers because they know what questions to ask.  Most people have not been exposed enough to buying funerals to know what specific questions to ask. With a GPL in hand you can compare prices with other local funeral providers for each of the items listed.  Chances are you will not find a GPL on other local funeral home websites but they are required by the FTC Funeral Rule to provide them on request either in person or by phone.  We make it easy by providing a downloadable copy of our GPL on our website at www.lyondewittberry.com  .

Our GPL also provides a copy of our Casket Price List and Outer Burial Container Price List, both are mandated by the FTC funeral rule.  These price lists reflect the funeral merchandise that we typically have available though we have a much broader selection of caskets available for next day delivery if needed.

Recently I found out about a website that researches funeral home General Price Lists and makes these prices available for online research. The website is www.parting.com .  When I searched their site I found the information they listed for us was inaccurate so I provided them with the correct information and updated the photo they had of our building.  They use Google photographs which are not always accurate.  Also on their site they have articles dealing with end of life matters.  I probably don’t agree with everything in their articles but it is a resource on such matters.

One thing I noticed about the prices parting.com listed for us was that they did not show the discount we provide for those purchasing a total package from us.  Our total package discount is a discount of up to $500 we give to families choosing to buy their services and funeral merchandise from us as a Total Package.

On our website at www.lyondewittberry.com , you can not only find a downloadable copy of our General Price List but also photographs of funeral merchandise, caskets, vaults and urns, which we offer along with prices.  We know that we provide a good value in funeral service and merchandise and wish to take the mystery out of funeral costs.  I don’t think that the day you find out what a funeral cost should be on one of the worst days of your life.

And by the way, if you should find a better price locally on funeral services or merchandise, provide us with verifiable evidence and we will match their price should it be less.



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