Being Android in An Apple World

By: Daryl Berry
Monday, December 5, 2016

We live in an everchanging world when it comes to technology.  No matter what generation we consider ourselves a part of, we have seen great change in our lifetime.  I think about the changes my grandparents witnessed from farming with horse or mule drawn implements to a day of more automated machinery that was pulled by tractors.  Flight went from the Wright brother’s first powered flight to seeing man walk on the moon in their lifetime.  Likewise, my parents witnessed significant change such as a telephone that hung on the wall that you cranked to make a call.  They spoke into a mouth piece mounted on the old oak phone and held the earpiece connected by a cable to their ear.  By the end of her life my mother had a modern-day cellphone that she had trouble figuring out how to use. 

When I consider the things I have seen in my life, I think about all the changes that have taken place in my lifetime in the realm of technology.  In a relatively short span of time I have seen computers go from being large enough to fill a room to small enough to fit in your hand.

Great minds took ideas and concepts and developed different approaches to come up with the different operating systems for the computers and cellphones we utilize today.  Most people have chosen one system over the other as their go to computer solution.  When it comes to computers they are primarily either PC or Mac or in the cellphone world they are Android or Apple. There are other choices available but they come with less features, possibly at a lower price.

Why am I discussing this on a funeral home website blog?  I have always been fascinated by technology.  I remember reading my Dad’s Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines and marveling at the things they projected we would see in the future.  The future is now the past and I have seen many things go from concept to reality.

Getting back to the premise of my article, I drew a correlation between the choice we have today between being either PC or MAC, Android or Apple and choosing one funeral home over another.  Now you are probably thinking only a funeral director could come up with such a thought as that and you may be right.  But as I thought about it I wondered why do I use a PC instead of a Mac when it comes to computers and an Android phone instead of an Apple like most of the folks I see.  Maybe it's the same reason some people drive a Ford while others drive a Chevy.  It could be based on experience, your family always drove Ford’s so you followed their example.  It is much the same in why a family continues to use the same funeral home from generation to generation.  Ownership or other faces at funeral homes may have changed but families continue to go back to what they have known in the past never considering another option.  Grandpa drove a Chevy, Dad drove a Chevy and so now the son drives a Chevy.  I am thankful for those that continue to utilize our services based on their family history.  As I try to earn business for our funeral home I think about what we can do to break the pattern of someone ingrained in doing the same thing over and over.

Nearly three years ago, when my wife and I purchased Lyon-DeWitt Funeral Home, we set out to improve it in whatever way needed to offer a better experience for those we have the opportunity to serve.  Not that it was all bad but we wanted to make it better.  I can remember the time that I carried a flip phone in one pocket and a Palm Pilot in my suit coat pocket.  One device stored the phone numbers I called using the other devise.  Technology melded the two devises together to make one superior devise.  Much like we are doing by blending the old traditions of the Lyon’s and DeWitt’s with the experience we have gained in working at other places.

We have cleaned up and fixed up to make for a more appealing, comfortable place for our guests.  Have we done all we would like in the way of renovations? No, because we realize there must be a balance in what we spend for improvements and what we charge for our services.  If we did all we would like to do, we would have to charge more.  Presently we feel we offer more service for less and certainly strive to continue to do so.  One reason I use an Android phone is the fact that it cost less and offers more diverse apps than the Apple.  I am typing this article on an Apple tablet that I received as a bonus for signing up with my satellite TV provider, so I can compare the Apple experience with what I was used to on my Android tablet and phone.

Has the experience really been that much different?  Not really, once I have gotten the hang of the Apple, the apps work pretty much the same on either platform.  I believe there are more apps to choose from in the Android world.  For instance, instead of being tied to the ITune music app I can choose from multiple music apps in Android.  I wanted one that I could more easily use when I go for a run.  The Google music app that came loaded on my Motorola phone became more complicated than I wanted to deal with so I looked for a simpler one until I found it.

My point is this, we are in the position of trying harder to provide better service at a fair price.  We strive to provide a level of service you will not find elsewhere along with innovative products.  We provide a comfortable homelike atmosphere at a lower price in comparison to a more church like setting.  On the other hand, we include services that others charge extra for even though their prices may appear lower.

Whether you looking for a new phone, a new vehicle or a funeral service, shopping for a good value is a wise decision.  There are some cell phone providers and car dealerships that allow you to return their product within a specified period if it doesn't meet your desires.  Likewise, we are so confident that you will be pleased with our service that we offer a no pay pledge for any itemized item of service we provide that doesn't meet your expectations.

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