Our Thoughts on Pricing

When it comes pricing our services and merchandise, our intent is to offer superior service and merchandise at a fair price.  We feel you deserve an attractive, well maintained and comfortable facility where you would be proud to invite your relatives and friends.  We strive to have enough qualified staff to provide more service than you have come to expect.  We watch our expenses so that we can keep our prices as affordable as possible.

The General Price List includes a list of services, use of facilities and transportation offerings as required by the Federal Trade Commission.  Every funeral home is required to have a General Price List to make it convenient for the consumer to compare funeral prices.  Also included on the GPL is a range of prices for common funeral merchandise and a price for limited services, such as direct cremation.

Some funeral homes tend to charge more for service related items while others may have a lower service charge but charge higher prices for merchandise.  You may find that a funeral home advertises a low initial price but that they charge extra for items that are standard with us.  Our goal is to have a fair price, one that is not too high but is not so low that we cannot sustain a business where we offer comfortable facilities and superior service.

We take advantage of programs offered by our suppliers that allow us to provide quality merchandise at the best possible price.

We know you have several choices when it comes to selecting a funeral home in this area.  While we may not be the lowest priced option, you will find that we provide superior service for a good value.  Should you be basing your selection of a funeral home primarily on price, we are making available online packages that are value priced that do not some of the premium services we typically provide.  These internet specials are available by clicking Internet Specials.

Not sure, we offer guarantees that protect you should you not be satisfied with our prices or services.

We are so confident that you will not be dissatisfied with our service that we provide a service guarantee.  Should you not be satisfied with any item of service itemized on the General Price List, we will not charge for that item of service.

Likewise, if you find a casket or vault at a lower price than what we have listed on our Casket or Vault Price Lists, we will match the price on a comparable unit.

What happens if you have limited funds?

We will do what we can to provide a service within your means.  We welcome you to meet with us to discuss your circumstances to work out an arrangement that is suitable for you.