Funeral Service Options

Family and friends getting together to honor a loved one’s life is one of the most important steps in the grieving and healing process.  Typically a service is planned that is officiated by a minister that might include such elements such as music selections, readings, a eulogy and a message by the minister.  You may choose to have a non-traditional ‘life celebration’ that the family customizes to meet their wishes.

There are several questions to be answered and decisions to be made regarding the visitation and funeral.  We assist you in coordinating all the details necessary to carry out your wishes.  If you are reading this information because you have just experienced a loss or in anticipation of a pending death, you may wish to go to Online Pre-Planning site to answer some of these questions.

Of course the question regarding funeral expenses is a concern.  Generally funeral prices are broken down into three different categories, 1) funeral services, 2) funeral merchandise and 3) related expenses.  Funeral services typically includes what we provide in the way of services, use of our facilities and transportation.  These items are itemized on our General Price List.  Read more . . .

Whatever you choose, some sort of service is expected from family and friends of the deceased.  We are here to help create a unique and memorable service that people will remember fondly for years to come.