​​Get Help Now!

This EMERGENCY screen will summons help to your location.  Most push button devices that someone carries to alert someone in case of an emergency only work when the device is near a base unit. The base unit dials a pre-programmed number to alert emergency personnel and they respond to the programmed address. With this app, the GPS coordinates are sent so that those responding know your location.  Family members or others programmed in the app will also be notified that you are in distress.

The Sound Audible Alarm button can help first responders locate you once they are on the scene.  Tapping the  Notify Emergency Group will notify members of your emergency group list that you need assistance.


Works wherever you have a cellphone signal.  Have you ever been on the road and come upon an accident but you didn't know exactly where you were?  The app sends the GPS coordinates to 911 so they know where to respond.

Medical Information at Your Fingertip

App stores the information that would help first responders when seconds matter.  

It helps you keep up with  the things you need to remember when filling out medical forms.  You can even keep up with medical information of your dependents or maybe elderly parents.

Have A Copy of Your

Insurance Card on Your Phone

First Aid Instructions

There are First Aid instructions for 16 common emergencies that can give you concise instructions to follow until help arrives.


Keep up with doctor appointments, immunizations and prescriptions with the handy reminders section.