Smartphone app that can save your life

  • Notify Emergency Help

  • Provide important information about yourself

  • First Aid Information

  • Store Medical Information For Dependents and Loved Ones

What Vital ICE is

Free for download, this public safety app locally stores user medical information, emergency contacts and more, and can be easily accessed by EMS and first responders in situations where the user is unable to speak or is otherwise incapacitated.

Local first responders will be taught to look for this app on your phone in case of emergency.

How Do You Get Vital ICE App

Vital ICE app is available for both Apple and Android Phones  from their app stores.  Look for Vital ICE and look for this icon. Once downloaded enter this four digit code to activate locally:


What Vital ICE does

* Stores information about you.

You store information about yourself that would be important to medical personnel, such as medicines, allergies, blood type, medical conditions, etc..

* Store information about others

You can store information about your dependents, such as elderly parents, that you will be asked to provide on their behalf.

Alert 911

 With the touch of a screen, you have the ability to contact 911, who will be alerted immediately of your location and they will respond to your GPS coordinates.

This would be helpful in case of an accident to assist you in being located.

Notify others

You list emergency contacts, such as family, friends or neighbors in the app.  They are notified by SMS text message  by the touch of a screen that you are in distress along with a map showing your location.

The cost to provide the premium version of this app locally is underwritten as a public service of Lyon-DeWitt-Berry Funeral Home. 

Because We Care

Other Features

* Store a copy of your insurance card(s)

You can also store cards for others that you may need to provide  this information for, such as your parents or other dependent.

* First Aid Information

Information is at your fingertips for  16 common emergencies, such as a diabetic emergency or asthma attack,  that may be helpful until help arrives.

Store reminders

Keep up with  Doctor appointments, prescription refills and immunizations.